When They Don’t Do What They Agreed To Do

Contracts are at the heart of all business dealings, from employment arrangements to purchase and sales transactions to multimillion-dollar development deals. Virtually every exchange involving a good or service also involves oral or written promises between the parties.

When you enter into a contract with a business partner, customer or supplier, you rely on them to fulfill their contractual promises. When contractual promises are fulfilled, it typically benefits both parties. When one party fails to fulfill its promises—breaches the contract—it can lead to distrust, business disruption and massive financial losses.

Common Types Of Breach Of Contract Cases

Examples of the sorts of breach of contract cases Bartle + Marcus handles include the following:

  • A “broker fee” or sales commission was promised but not paid
  • A sales agent promised to sell one product exclusively but chose to sell a competing product
  • The prospective buyer of a business failed to follow through on the purchase of that business or the pay the required breakup fee
  • The buyer of a business refused to properly pay the earnout compensation due the seller
  • An insurance company agreed to provide coverage for a loss but then denied coverage after the loss occurred
  •  An attorney promised to prepare a document but failed to do so
  • One partner in a partnership failed to distribute income as called for in the partnership agreement

Bartle + Marcus has a long track record of helping clients successfully resolve contract disputes like these. Although based in Kansas City, we serve clients nationwide.

We Are Here To Help You Resolve A Breach Of Contract Dispute

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