Recovering Unpaid Commissions

Sales professionals, including real estate and insurance agents and business brokers, are often compensated on a pure-commissions basis. They get paid for selling and don’t get paid when there is no sale. But sometimes these sales professionals don’t get paid even when a sale goes through. For one reason or another, the other parties to the transaction may decide to cut them out of the loop or to pay them less than they are contractually entitled to receive.

This is a particular problem where the “sale” consists of the sales agent introducing two companies who, in turn, partner to sell a product or service to consumers. For example, in the automobile industry, finance and insurance companies often rely on sales agents to market vehicle service contracts (VSCs) to automobile dealerships, who offer those VSCs to consumers when they purchase a new or used vehicle. The sales agent is supposed to be paid on each VSC sold. But it’s not uncommon for the insurance company and the automobile dealer to attempt to go around the sales agent by terminating and then restarting their business relationship or accusing the sales agent of not providing adequate sales support. This can cost the agent thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our Litigators Will Fight For Your Rights

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