KLS Martin makes mandibular implants, some of which have failed (broken after implantation in the jaw).

When this happens, there is a rescission surgery with its attendant risk and consequences. This can be painful and expensive. KLS Martin, or other implant manufacturers, may deny responsibility and try to shift the cost to you. Keep reading to find out about a case where this happened and we successfully challenged KLS Martin. This is the story of J.C.

Our client, J.C., was born in 2009. At birth, he was diagnosed with Pierre Robin Sequence – a craniofacial disorder. At nine days old he was taken into surgery for insertion of mandibular distraction implants manufactured by KLS Martin.

The surgery went well and was thought to have been a success. However, one week later, J.C. began showing signs of unusual and severe pain. J.C.’s parents brought him back to the doctor who discovered that one of the KLS Martin plates attached to the mandible had broken off of the device. KLS Martin’s weld was defective.

At just nineteen days old and in fragile condition, J.C. had to endure yet another surgery for removal of the faulty device and implantation of a new device. KLS Martin charged J.C.’s family full price for both the broken device and a replacement device.

When challenged, KLS Martin denied responsibility and blamed the doctor. KLS Martin had whisked the broken implant off to Germany shortly after it was removed. During the pendency of the lawsuit, KLS Martin claimed not to have any documents or emails about its design of its implant.

A jury held KLS Martin fully responsible for its defective implant and the consequences for J.C.. It awarded over $900,000 in compensation to the child.


We know KLS Martin and how it operates.

When devices fail, KLS Martin may deny responsibility and try to shift the cost to you or blame your doctor.

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