Business Disputes

bartle + marcus attorneys represent clients in business disputes.

Business disputes are rarely just about money. Oftentimes, they involve a breach of trust or a fundamental disagreement about the terms or operation of the parties’ business arrangement. Some of these disputes can only be resolved through litigation. Others can be resolved through negotiation and compromise. In either case, the focus remains the same: obtaining the best end result in light of the facts, the law and the client’s stated objectives. By maintaining this focus and employing a pragmatic rather than “paint-by-numbers” approach to business disputes, we provide clients with efficient and effective legal representation.

We have handled business disputes involving shareholder disagreements, lender-debtor disputes, unfair competition, consumer frauds, unfair employment practices, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, private nuisance, business torts and actions arising under the Uniform Commercial Code. In addition, we have handled class and collective actions for  plaintiffs and defendants.

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