Legal Malpractice

bartle + marcus attorneys represent clients in legal malpractice cases.

Unlike other forms of professional malpractice, legal malpractice doesn’t involve physical harm.   But legal malpractice does involve harm. Legal malpractice may cause harm in the form of the fees you paid your lawyer to represent your interests when he or she failed to do so. Legal malpractice may cause harm in the form of the money you lost as a result of a lawsuit or business deal gone bad. Legal malpractice may cause harm in the form of a lost livelihood or ruined reputation or both. In particularly egregious cases, legal malpractice cause psychological or emotional harm as a relationship founded on trust and respect slowly turns adversarial.

Oftentimes, a claim for legal malpractice begins with a simple mistake, perhaps a missed deadline or faulty legal research or imprudent phrasing in a contract.  But then the mistake is made worse because your lawyer never tells you about it, and never does anything to correct it. Maybe your lawyer hopes things will all work out.  Sometimes they do.  When they don’t, though, a simple mistake can become catastrophic. Then, you’re the one who suffers. You have a right to know why things went wrong.  We can help.

  • bartle + marcus attorneys have almost four decades combined experience representing individual and corporate clients in courts across the country.

  • bartle + marcus attorneys know what questions to ask to get you the answers you need when investigating possible legal malpractice.

  • bartle + marcus attorneys never charge for the initial consultation on a potential legal malpractice claim.

  • bartle + marcus attorneys represent clients on a contingent-fee basis in most legal malpractice cases, so there is no charge at all unless we recover.


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