Helping Other Lawyers and Law Firms

We have walked in your shoes. A call comes in, the case sounds promising, but it doesn’t quite fall within your practice area. So you send it down the road to someone else, with only a vague hope that someday, somehow, the attorney who received the referral might remember the favor. The unfortunate reality is that all to often, your initial work in screening the client and helping land the case is given short shrift or completely forgotten. We do not and will never operate that way.

It can take countless hours of marketing and thousands of dollars in advertising to generate a single incoming call. Make the call count. If you choose not to handle the case yourself, contact us. We have extensive experience in complex commercial matters, from breach of contract cases to securities cases to cases involving false advertising and unfair competition. We will agree upon a mutually-beneficial business arrangement at the commencement of the matter, and will abide by that arrangement to the letter when the matter is over.

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