Resolving Business Partner And Shareholder Disputes

Business partnerships sometimes resemble marriages in that they start out with great enthusiasm, promise and good ideas; later, go through rocky spells; and, sometimes, end in splits. Shareholder disputes, on the other hand, may resemble mini revolutions or civil unrest. Both partnership disputes and shareholder disputes may threaten the health of a business or corporation.

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Finding The Means To An End When Disputes Are Disruptive To A Business Or Corporation

A starting point can be a clarification of the goals of the parties in dispute. The primary objective may be to preserve the viability of a business or corporation, or it may be to ensure that partners or shareholders are able to recover or repair whatever they believe is at risk for themselves.

About Partners And Their Disagreements

Business partners are contributors who have joined forces to operate a business. Partnership disputes may develop through resentments between partners over allegations of unequal contributions or differences in vision.

Disputes between partners can be prevented through well-crafted partnership agreements. Minor disputes may be resolvable with the help of business consultants or lawyers experienced in all forms of dispute resolution. Major disputes sometimes mean that a large change is in order, such as the following:

  • One partner may sell out to the other.
  • The partners may sell the business.
  • The original partnership agreement may be renegotiated with a clearer delineation of leadership and responsibilities.

About Shareholder Disputes And Remedies

Shareholder disputes involve disagreements among investors in a corporation. The shareholders may disagree about corporate governance or a particular facet of the corporation, such as finances, control or expansion plans. Resolving shareholder disputes may include one or more of the following:

  • Reviewing original shareholder agreements to determine whether they clarify solutions such as buyouts in case of disagreements
  • Resolving differences through decisions made in general meetings
  • Bringing in outside help such as mediators, newly hired directors or people in other roles with the expertise needed to move the corporation past the dispute
  • Implementing major reorganization, perhaps through the sale, division or expansion of a corporation

Our knowledgeable attorneys can represent the interests of whomever hires them while also providing the long view that they have gained through experience.

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